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Music Jewellery Online

In October 2014, after searching for a large statement saxophone pendant Chrissie C decided there was a lack of music themed jewellery.  She decided to set up her own business specialising in Music Jewellery so “Music Jewellery Online” was born!

Music Jewellery Online has grown massively over the last few years.  We now send orders around the world and USA in our largest market. The Chrissie C jewellery collections continue to expand!

Pin Badges are designed by Chrissie C.  She works closely with her production factory to bring you a growing collection of your favourite musical instruments.  All pieces are replicated in intricate detail for you.


Music Jewellery Online


Pin Badges From Chrissie C



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After many comments from musicians partners that they would like to see some bespoke statement jewellery for them to enjoy, “WOW JEWELLERY ONLINE” was created in March 2017.  Another addition to the Chrissie C jewellery collections.

Chrissie C specialises in creating bespoke edgy bracelets and chokers that are crafted to size and style. Lets give  you a unique “daringly different” piece of jewellery that you can treasure. Remember you are unique!





Whether you are looking for something “daring” and loaded with attitude or something chic and delicate, Chrissie C will work with you. Let’s create you an individual piece of jewellery crafted to suit your styling.


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Welcome aboard the rollercoaster journey of Chrissie C……