Obsession Duo Got Hitched

A random moment of madness in May 2017 after 22 years of being engaged!


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Obsession Duo Get Hitched..

Why?  This was the question and the answer being “Ray needed a carer” but in truth this is probably the other way round and without a carer Chrissie C would not be functioning!

Joking aside, it was an awesome trip to the Caribbean and we hit a remote island called “Prickly Pear Island” with 10 special friends and a trip down memory lane as we visited this island when working on the cruise ships and based in the Caribbean on Fred Olsen line.

Prickly Pear Island


The crazy gang


Approaching Prickly Pear

Chrissie C got rather addicted to rum punch throughout this amazing year travelling the Caribbean islands!  A wee problem when returning back onboard to perform!  A fun season!

20 months into marriage and we are still there……..

into the sunset…


Yes CC did wear a dress albeit not conventional!


Obsession Duo Get Hitched..


A fun moment with the gang..


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